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Financial Advice

Due to the high risk of financial loss in trading any advice given on our website or included in our services is intended purely for educational purposes and should not be taken as financial advice. Xclusive Trading Group Ltd is not a financial advice service and as such cannot account for your personal circumstances, therefore you should consult a qualified financial advisor if you require assistance with your finances.

If you decide to use any of Xclusive Trading Group Ltd's services or take anything from this website, you do so with the understanding that any information or advice given is general advice and Xclusive Trading Group Ltd will not be held liable for any loss that may occur from following the advice and information presented by Xclusive Trading Group Ltd.

Xclusive Trading Group Ltd take no ownership of your financial position and cannot guarantee that you will achieve profits or losses similar to other members of Xclusive Trading Group Ltd. 


By using the services provided by Xclusive Trading Group Ltd you hereby agree to indemnify Xclusive Trading Group Ltd and it's affiliates, partners, directors, employees and contractors and cannot hold them liable for any loss, liability, claim, expenses or damages including from a third party entity such as legal action in the form of lawyers or solicitors raising claims for loss, damage or liabilities or any other reasonable legal fees.

You agree that Xclusive Trading Group Ltd and all affiliates, partners, directors, employees and contractors will be held harmless against any loss or damage that has arisen from using the services provided by Xclusive Trading Group Ltd as the information is intended for educational purposes only, and does not account for your personal finances, situation or lifestyle.


All work and content produced by or for Xclusive Trading is copyrighted ©2020 by Xclusive Trading Group Ltd. All work and material produced and created by Xclusive Trading is covered under copyright law and can not be distributed by any entity other than Xclusive Trading, whether free of charge or for sale.

Our copyright policy covers any material including but not limited to: documents, videos, images, emails and website content. If you breach the copyright law that covers our materials (Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988) then you may be held liable in a UK court of law. You are not authorised to copy, steal, alter, distribute or sell any material that has been created and is owned by Xclusive Trading Group Ltd as they are all original works and are covered by copyright law.

Refund + Cancellation Policy

Your decision to discontinue any subscription from the community groups of Xclusive Trading Group Ltd should be disclosed to our Head Traders two days prior to your subscription renewal to allow for processing. If you decide to discontinue your subscription for the current month, your subscription will be cancelled from the day of your election, however the subscription fees for the full month will not be refunded. 
*Cancellation times may vary* 


Breach of T&C's

If at any time a client, customer or spectator is found to have breached the Terms and Conditions, Acceptable Use Policy or Privacy Policy set out on this webpage, Xclusive Trading Group Ltd hold the right to remove participant from any current services they are using, send the participant written formal warnings or commence legal action against the participant.

If at any point Xclusive Trading Group Ltd block your access to our services you must not attempt to use our services again under another name or persona.

Acceptable Use Policy

By using any service or when signing up to the community groups of Xclusive Trading Group Ltd you agree to follow the guidelines of our Acceptable Use Policy by which all users must adhere to:


  • Respect the privacy and intellectual property rights of others.

  • Must not behave in a manner which we deem inappropriate including; harassment, discriminatory behaviour including but not limited to race/ethnicity/sex/gender/sexual orientation/age, intimidation, threatening behaviour, encourage illegal action or promoting crimes of other users.

  • Respect the privacy, as well as address the Head Traders in a professional manner.


The Head Traders have the right to remove any users from the community group by not following any of the guidelines mentioned above.